The Real Estate

Jul 1, 2021

The Real Estate

My team and I were contracted by a real estate investment company at the start of 2020 to help them understand the future of property better. They intended shifting their investments to de-risk and grab new opportunities if necessary.

We looked at the sectors they were invested in, and by exploring the current trends (for example remote working, small business proliferation, community safety, entertainment needs, 4IR, new forms of entertainment and shopping, self-driving cars), we outlined a number of possible scenarios in order to illustrate the broad spectrum of futures that might emerge.

As a result of the pandemic and lock-down, some of the sectors they were heavily invested in (such as office space) has been extremely hard hit.

However, the process to redevelop and reposition some of these investments is underway, as the future simply arrived earlier than anticipated.

The benefit to the client was that they were not completely caught unaware, and could quickly evaluate the scenarios we delivered in order to draw up actions plans consistent with their strategy.


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