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Futures Strategist

I use extensive research, experience, systems-thinking techniques and scenario development to help you re-imagine your desired future for you or your organization and provide you with the tools and the road map to get there.


If you have good data, I can make it sing! If you don’t, I can help you create a solid data and risk management foundation to enable the future you are working toward.

Sapient Fusion

It is an amalgamation of many ideas, including intelligence, wisdom, humanity, collaboration, melding ideas to create something better, creating new energy through combining existing elements.


Future Journeys

We explore your current reality and desired future and craft a roadmap to get there.

The core offering – I spend time with your organisation to understand their current reality and the forces that could
have an impact on it in future (opportunities and threats included).

Based on these forces we agree on the highest priority ones, after which I describe some possible scenarios and the future events that would trigger each scenario.

We then jointly develop a plan of action to steer your organisation in the direction of the scenarios you prefer.


My team and I combine our effort and expertise with yours as business partners to transform a business or idea into a profitable, scalable, and sustainable venture.

A business partnership – We work closely with your start-up, or your existing organisation with a new venture, to assess the opportunity, line it up for success, and execute it for success


A written reference document is produced with recommendations for you to take independent action.

Input into your process – You know what you need, but I assist you with formal research into your challenge, depending on your requirements and budget.

Data modelling & analytics

We use your data to help you understand your business better

Bringing the intelligence to “Business Intelligence” – depending on your existing data and business needs.

Data foundation

We create your data model to enable your organisation for the future

Get you ready for the 21st century – we assess your data needs, and help you set up the necessary data warehousing and input systems to allow you to benefit from the information you collect during the normal course of your operation.

Based on my research into the topics that develop my toolset.

Inspiration for your team – I will give a presentation / run a workshop with you and your team on an agreed topic, drawing from my research.

All our services are customised to your needs, so get in touch and let us discuss how to find the right questions that your organisation needs to answer.

Hi I’m Wynand Neethling

Wynand Neethling
Wynand Neethling
Wynand Neethling

Hi I’m Wynand Neethling

I am a futurist with a keen interest in strategic thinking and in finding solutions to societal challenges. I believe the desired future is possible, while also appreciating the seemingly insurmountable obstacles we observe every day.

I have a postgraduate diploma in Futures Studies and am a senior research associate of the Institute for Futures Research at Stellenbosch University. I am also a senior actuary (Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa with a Healthcare Practicing Certificate) with an eye for detail and a deep understanding of analytics and data modelling.


Wynand Neethling