Money is the Root of All Evil

by | Sep 21, 2021

Or is it?

Money BagsMoney is the root of all evil. Or is that the “route” of all evil? A technique often used in crime investigation is to “follow the money”. Someone benefited financially from the crime, the benefit can be quantified, its origins traced.

Money is foundational to our modern society. Only inventions such as the wheel can be said to have had as profound a positive impact. It denotes value, power, and freedom. People, organisations, and countries are ranked by the amount of money that flows through their hands. Money has evolved from its original incarnation, as a representation of value, to having value in and of itself. Access to money is a top determinant of success. Scarcity of money is the definition of poverty.

A new reality

Viewing the world through the lens of technological advances across all fields, we see some tectonic shifts:

  • We have the means to produce enough food for everyone on the planet, keep it fresh, and transport it to them as required to meet their needs.
  • Through automation and 3D printing, we have the means to provide proper shelter and clothing to everyone on the planet, protecting them from the elements and providing them with safety and security.
  • Renewable energy and modular solutions can provide electricity and water to all households, regardless of location or access to a national grid.
  • Healthcare advances mean that all but a handful of medical challenges can be addressed such that people can live a “normal” life.
  • Internet connectivity has reached the stage where everyone on the planet could have access to all the education resources they need and be able to access any market globally to sell their products or services.

Our society is the most unequal it has ever been, despite this potential abundance. Why? Scarcity of money.

We evolved from a time of scarcity. Limited food, limited shelter, limited health, limited communication, and limited knowledge. Our financial system evolved in this context to help us manage scarcity, but now serves to reinforce a system of scarcity. Money propelled us forward, but now it is holding us back.

In our changed context, it is time to reinvent our operating system. To look beyond money. To redefine what has value. To redefine what has meaning. To reimagine our society in a way that works for the people in it.



How do we do this?

It will not be easy. There are many vested interests. Who benefits from the current system of enforced scarcity?

Follow the money.

To build the society we want, where people are free to thrive, we need fresh thinking and practical action. Have you consulted your futurist today?


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